6 Evil Foods You Should Avoid in India

So you’re going on the trip of a lifetime and headed to the exotic land of India. You’ve got your passport, visa, and hotel accommodations ready, and I’m sure you’re ready to have the time of your life.

Many tourists go to India to visit the beautiful shrines and historical sites, but most of all, they go to eat. But what if I told you that the chances of you spending your trip hovering over a toilet bowl are a very real possibility?

There is even a term for this scenario and the locals call it “Delhi belly.”

If you want to avoid “Delhi belly” and make the most of your trip, keep on reading and learn which dangerous foods you need to avoid.

Top 6 Evil Foods to Avoid in India:

1. The Water

You must be thinking “water is not food!” but it’s important to know that the majority of the time that people get food poisoning, the water is to blame.

A good tip is to never drink water out of the tap. Always carry around bottled water and if you order any drinks, always ask for no ice.

2. Street food

Food sold by street vendors sometimes lays out in the sun for several hours and sanitation standards are a not quite defined. Be wise and avoid all street food!

3. Fresh Cheese

Most cheese in India is processed differently than what we’re used to backing home and as a result, it has a different bacteria content. Avoid all cheese that has not been cooked or baked. For a safer alternative, try out paneer.

4. Seafood

Avoid all kinds of seafood. Unless the fish you are about to eat has just been caught and prepared, save yourself the trouble. By eating seafood you not only run the risk of getting food poisoning but intestinal parasites as well. Better to be safe than sorry!

5. Milk

India’s refrigeration and stocking of milk are not up to the same standards as the US or other European countries. If you’re drinking tea or coffee, make sure to hold the milk.

6. Red meat

In India Hindus avoid beef and Muslims avoid pork. Not only is eating red meat somewhat taboo, but you avoid eating potentially contaminated red meat by avoiding it as well.

If you avoid the food items listed above, you will save yourself a visit to the doctor and make the most out of your trip.

Remember to always take precaution and if in doubt, politely decline.

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