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About FDCI


Our first publication; "A Parent's Guide to Highland Dancing" was written and published in the spring of 2000 with the intention of simply providing a resource for parents who were new to Highland dancing. With over 30 years experience as 'dance moms' between us, we were often asked many questions by new moms and thought maybe we could share our wealth of knowledge. Now in its third edition, the 'Guide' has become an extremely popular resource among parents and teachers from around the globe. 


With no real plans to follow the 'Guide', we were talking over a cup of coffee one day and the next thing we knew... we were tossing around a whole variety of ideas. Five Dogs & A Cat Images was born soon after when we decided to put our talents to developing a magazine just for Highland dancers, their parents and teachers.  Within just a few months, the first issue of HIGHLAND DANCER was launched and amazingly we are now in our 7th year of publication with readers from around the world!


Over the previous years, we had both spent many hours working on computers for a variety of volunteer positions and as such had become quite proficient on the computer. With these skills, and several years now of helping friends with developing their businesses and computer skills, we have been able to expand our publications and services to the wide variety that we offer today.


While our hearts are still very much in Highland dancing and piping, we have attracted a large number of clients that have nothing to do with Highland and we have proven ourselves to be friendly and competent in helping many small businesses with their graphic needs. We also now offer a range of projects for families and other groups. We have gained experience by initially creating most of these items for our own families or friends. Be sure to visit the many options on this website to see all of the services and products we supply - there should be something for everyone!


Cindy & Linda


Any questions, ideas, suggestions.... don't hesitate to contact us


P.S. In case you were wondering.... Five Dogs & A Cat Images comes from the fact that when we were sitting with that fateful cup of coffee,  we had 5 dogs and 1 cat between the two of us. The name has definitely attracted attention (which is what we want!) and we are quite often known as "the dogs & cats ladies" since most people have trouble remembering the quantity of animals but not the gist of the name!

And here they are, 3 Siberian Huskies, 2 Australian Sheepdogs and 1 simply grey cat...

                        Kahlua       Copper        Piper          Winston      Colonel           Chili



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