How do I apply for a Cambodian visa?

A visa is a conditional authorization by any country that allows foreign citizens to enter remain or leave a country. So if you are planning a foreign trip you must make sure about your eligibility to get a visa in there or whether the country actually offers a visa only in advance. The visa regulations strongly determine a country’s income from tourism.

Know who needs to apply for a Cambodian Visa

Say for people that do not hold a Cambodian passport need Cambodia Visa except for Except Malaysian, Philippines, and Singapore. So if you are from any of these above-mentioned countries you don’t need to apply for a visa to visit Cambodia and if not you need to apply for the visa.

So which documents are required?

  1. A passport that is valid for more than six months.
  2. One recent passport size photo.
  3. Appropriate visa fee (us$35 for visitors for traveling and tourism purpose) and (us$ 40 for business purpose)
  4. Completed visa application.
  5. And for business purpose visit you need to provide supporting documents on the counter.In the basic visa on arrival, they intend to see if you are fit and capable financially of bearing expenses of your visit during the visa tenure you have applied. say finances with you for boarding lodging and food.

Types of Visa and application types?

Visa is granted both in advance or on arrival at the Cambodian port. You can approach with an application for a visa on arrival at any of Cambodia: Siem Reap and Phnom Penh and other border checkpoints. Or you can apply for a visa in advance. By the following URL:

What to ensure before filling and during the application process?

Approaching with the application with relevant documents and relevant passport eligibility is quite self- explanatory process basically a visa on arrival is nothing a major deal so long you have arranged for the documents. You don’t need to send your passport to Cambodian immigration also a 2-minute video of yours is required instead of personal interaction requirement. I have mentioned in the earlier section.

You can download the application from here URL: The application form contains details of basic nature is full name, address, contact information, gender, nationality, and purpose of visit, the point of entry (mainly the airport or entry port you will be arriving at) along with the means of transportation. Duration of stay in Cambodia with entry time and exit time mainly dates. If it’s your first trip and is you on alone or in a group tour. Children’s under 12 accompanying you on the visit. A Declaration as to the correctness of information submitted by you. It’s that simple. You need to make sure that it’s neatly filled with appropriate documents required.

Or you can apply in advance not need to actually wait in line for a visa on arrival. You can apply for e-visa in advance from URL: . Fill basic details in the form sign up and follow the process. Worth noting here is choose processing time it’s like 3 days of 48 hours and 24 hours according to urgency. The fees are 109, 188, and 288 respectively for each of the urgency options.

The website is charging this different amounts the government fees is only 40$. You need to give email address sign up the process You can use eVisa for tourism, recreation, sightseeing, casual visit to meet friends or relatives, short duration medical treatment or casual business visit.

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