How long will it take to get a visa to Australia?

Spouse visas

Spouse visas are quicker if you apply on your own – Also not true; doing it on your own can take 4 -6 months or more, sometimes even over a year until approval. One client was waiting six months just to get a government case officer. Currently, you can have spouse applications approved within a day and can also take two to four weeks in all cases. For more information, visit the website

Fiancée visa

Fiancée visa processing usually takes from 5 up to 10 months. For a Fiancée/Prospective Marriage Visa processing, your woman will have to produce documents proving your meeting at least once. As a rule, it must be good quality photos of you together. The more documents confirming your close relationship you have with your lady, the better your chances of obtaining the visa are.

You will also need a family status certificate from your Local Registry Office; your petition of the intention to marry the particular woman attested according to the standard form. Other documents such as personal correspondence are also important in confirmation of your long-term relationship.

Student visa

You can apply for a student visa Australia through a local Australian embassy or consulate located in your mother country. You will get a response of your application within 24 hours. You can access the visa details electronically at any time through the Visa Entitlement Verification Online System (VEVOs). You need to pay a non-refundable application fee of 450$ for the use and processing of visa.

Transit Visas

These permits are provided to travelers that use Australia as a means of transit, say, in the case of a layover or if a visitor intends to join a merchant navy or ship crew in the country. Transit visas are permitted for a duration of only about 72 hours.

Working Holiday Visas

These visas are meant for people within the age of 18 and 30 years who wish to travel as well as work in Australia for a year. Working Holiday visas are mainly oriented towards catering drop-year travelers who want to explore and at the same time, work their way to supplement their expenses.

Business Visas

Business Visas are provided to people with established businesses in Australia or individuals who are sponsored by a governmental or multi-national company with the purpose of conducting business operations in Australia under the purview of their employer. 

A visa Australia is granted only after a thorough evaluation of a foreigner’s application process. The first step is to select the type of visa depending upon the nature of the visit and after that, follow the particular procedures involved for the same.

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