Requirements for eTA visa to Myanmar

Myanmar or more properly known as the Republic Union of Myanmar is better known to the rest of the world as Burma. It is located in southeastern part of Asia. It is surrounded by countries such as China, Thailand, India, and Bangladesh.

Traveling to this region has special requirements which must be might before you can gain entry into the country. A visa is needed for entry and only a specific few are allowed to enter for a period of two weeks without a visa. These would be individuals from Vietnam, Indonesia as well as Singapore to name a few. All others must meet special requirements.

eTA Visa Myanmar Process

The needed visas for entry into the country are available online as well as at consulates. This eTA visa to Myanmar process is geared at simplifying the application process. If you wish to apply for a visa to Myanmar you need to visit the country’s Ministry of Immigration website. Persons from 100 different countries are granted Myanmar e-visas. Additionally, these visas only provide entry through three international airports. Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon plus Mandalay.

Burma is an area that was stricken with war for years thus there is a strict policy on entry and exit through the use of land borders. There are four borders in Thailand where there is no need for a visa to enter but those persons who are looking for an entry from the borders linked with China and India need special documents.

Tourist eTA visa requirements

  1. Never apply for your visa at a very early date. Most Tourist visas are only valid for 28 days. This can feature an extension of 14 days for an additional US$3 daily.
  2. Your passport must be valid six months after your departure.
  3. Most single applicant tourist visa cost about US$50. It depends on where you are applying from and is a very simple process.

Business eTA visa requirements

The requirements for  Visa to Myanmar business type is a little different.Along with most of what is needed for a tourist visa to Myanmar, there are a few additions.

  1. Firstly, in order to gain a Business Visa, you need to be invited by an official Myanmar company. Non-Government Organizations are not included.
  2. An invitation letter along with the company’s registration credentials who is requesting your service must be submitted.
  3. This letter must be addressed to the applicant, in addition, it must state the intended time for your job as well as the purpose of the job.
  4. This application process cost around US$70.

It is very critical that you follow the requirement process very carefully. Failure to comply with one of the stipulated areas may result in you being denied a visa or can even mean you will be unable to live at your required time after you have been awarded entry.

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