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HD Reader's Surveys



From time to time, we feature a Reader's Survey in an issue of Highland Dancer magazine and here online. The results of the survey are then published in a later issue of the magazine.


NEW Survey!

Highland Dancing Survey - Summer/07

The 5th Annual HD Reader's Survey was recently published in the last issue of Highland Dancer magazine. We have now added it online on our website as well. This year's survey is asking what you think about Highland dancing and what can be done to encourage new dancers to start and current dancers to continue.

Each submitted survey will be entered in a draw to win one of our popular FREE Highland Dancing Journals. Deadline is Sept 1, 2007

We are trying a new format for online surveys using Adobe PDF files that allow for ease of submission and compilation of results. This file is attached or available on our website and may be completed and returned to us quite simply through email. 

This survey requires Adobe Reader (version 7.0 or higher) in order for your answers to be included in the data returned to us. This is a free and safe download available at

The survey may be completed and then submitted by clicking on the submit button at the end of the survey. The data including your responses will then be returned to us by email. If an answer is left blank you will be prompted to fill it in before emailing so please be sure to complete each answer appropriately. You may also complete the survey, print it and mail it to the address below

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us


Click here for the survey:

Highland Dancing Survey - Summer/07


Previous Surveys

While you may still complete some of the surveys below, we have already published the results in the issues of Highland Dancer magazine listed below. Should we continue to receive a number of surveys, we may update the results at a later time so do not hesitate to complete one!

Practice Survey - Spring/06

CONGRATULATIONS to Christianne Gregory from Ontario!

Winner of a FREE Highland Dancing Journal

Results published: Highland Dancer magazine Fall/06


Gillies Survey - Spring/05

CONGRATULATIONS to Meghan Labadie from Chatham, Ontario!

Winner of a FREE Highland Dancing Journal

Results published: Highland Dancer magazine Summer/Fall/05


Readers Survey - Spring/03

CONGRATULATIONS to Sara Miller from Fenton Michigan!

Winner of a FREE one year subscription to Highland Dancer Magazine

Results published: Highland Dancer magazine Fall/03





Comments &



“Great magazine!! Makes a small town teacher feel like she’s in the loop! Thank You.”

S. Prowse, BC Canada   

“I love the magazine!!!”

G. Islay Jeffrey, PEI Canada   

“Keep up the great work!”

K. Dillon, WV USA   


“I LOVE the magazine. I

commend you for taking on the challenge of communicating to the Highland Dancing world in a very informative and fun way. I enjoy every page and I know that I will continue to enjoy the magazine for years to come.”

J. Pressley, PA USA   


I continue to love this magazine! Keep up the great work! The dancers at my studio re-read back issues daily!

J Nixon 

Royal Stewart Highland Dancers

B.C., Canada


A great magazine -- Thank you!

M Graham, AB, Canada


You and the staff at The Highland Dance Magazine have done an outstanding
job.  Thank you for all your hard work and for spreading the word of Highland Dance all the world.


M. Hamilton, AZ USA   


I'm a dance mom from Washington state. My daughters and I love your magazine. Keep up the good work.

~M. Campbell, WA, USA    


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